Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Roofs are on

All five houses have roofs - that is a big deal for two reasons. 
It means we can start stuccoing tomorrow and that means we will likely be done for the key ceremony on Friday.
The other reason is that it rained tonight and with the rain came a strong wind. The structures are now sound and ready to sustain this weather.
A local contractor has been used to pour the foundations for the houses to expedite the construction but also because two of the five homes need extra care in the construction of the foundations. That contractor is a business associate of Gilberto Figeuroa who works closely with Amor and has donated property for the Cienega project. Today the contractor whose first name is Jose' announced he wanted to be baptized tomorrow.
We  don't know the reason for this choice at this time. Certainly his relationship with Gilberto and his work with a couple key people on our team have contributed to this decision. It takes many touches for someone far from the Lord to make the decision to draw near. All the people who touched Jose' were unaware of where in the line of contacts they were - they just knew God was working through them. Today their witness was rewarded and another person was brought to the throne of grace.
Never give up - if the person you are praying for still has not answered God's call - the next prayer - the next encouraging word - the next act of kindness could make all the difference in eternity.

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  1. Praise God for Jose.
    Sounds like you are on schedule and the houses are close to completion. Look forward to seeing photos on your return. Continued prayers.