Friday, January 9, 2015

The houses are finished

The last couple days have been pretty hectic.
Scott Congdon and his son Jordon (who will be the Amor presence in Cancun) had to return to San Diego as Scott's Dad was in intensive care due to complications from pneumonia and he was not expected to make it. So far he is hanging on though he is on a ventilator right now and has had a transfusion due to loss of blood internally. Prayers continue for him and the family.
Gayla and April (Jordon's wife) are holding down the fort with the rest of the Amor staff. 
As  some of you know we have been talking to Jose' the contractor who poured the foundations for the five houses. He is an associate of Gilberto who has been praying for him to receive Jesus for over 8 years. Durring the month before we arrived Jose was also in constant contact with Jordon who developed a fondness for. After the second day of the work this week he announced he wanted to be baptized. Well last night I sat down with him and asked him why he was making this decision.
With tears in his eyes and in the presence of his daughter, Gilgerto, and Victor (who had been talking and working with Jose' the last three days) he responded that he had seen the light shining out of Jordan's heart and light in joy and compassion in Jon Wilson's eyes and the openness of Victor to everyone around and he wanted that light and joy and openness for himself. 
Talk about a lump in your throat moment.
We left the dinner table in the restaurant and went to our room to change cloths while John Fudge, a speaker from Urban Saints with us from England, rounded up anyone who wanted to share in this new birth at the pool, to change. While in the room we prayed and talked then in a rather cool wind (well cool for Cancun) Jose's and I went into the pool while the body of believers sang Amazing Grace and there I was privilieged to baptism him. 
Amor calls its workers to not just build houses but to build Hope. One more person has hope in Jesus today because of a friends prayers, a ministers open compassion, and a volunteer's willingness to include and engage another as a child of God and not just a contractor.
Yes we finished all five houses today - but more than that - we watched God work beyond what we could ask or imagine.

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  1. Prayed for Scott's dad and family. And the Kingdom grows, congrats Jose. Lots of hugs to welcome Victor & Remy back home. Continued prayers for Amor in Mexico.