Saturday, January 3, 2015

Justice is love in a social context

Dr. Tony Campolo spoke to us in the opening Keynote address. He is a professor of sociology at the Eastern University and a Baptist Pastor. He is best known for his work to serve the lost and the lonely in this world. At the age of 80 he has not lost any of his passion for seeing the church bring God's Kingdom to this world.
As we went through the process of getting to know each other (I counted 7 countries including the Maldives) represented and broke up into our work groups (we are building 5 homes) and then into small groups within each worksite group (we are about 170 strong) I was reminded how large and powerful the Church of Jesus Christ is when we bring a focus to our purpose to bring reconciliation of Christ to the lost and the lonely.
Campolo reminded us that in every Gospel Jesus introduced his purpose for coming to us which was and is "to bring the Kingdom of God." I recommend you read Isaiah 65 where God through the prophet describes what the Kingdom will be like when it comes. That chapter becomes a blueprint for all local congregations joined together as God's church universal to join in introducing God's Kingdom to our world in our time and with our generation.
Tomorow we begin training to build for the rest of the week.

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  1. Read Isaiah 65....feeling blessed. God's blessings are flowing