Sunday, January 11, 2015

Staying connected verses staying online

I love the fact we can stay with the latest activities going on in the lives of the people we love. 

I do, however, wonder how much connection there is when most of that info is gathered from social media. 

So here I am on social media updating my activites. :-}

I am inbetween Global Gathering and Home - I am enjoying the down time and the connections with the great staff of Amor though. I always am blessed by thier desire to do God's work anywhere they happen to be and at the same time be such good friends with each other. I am going to join them as we watch some playoff games.

This reminds me the church is much more than the local body and much less without a local body. I can feel at home with other believers but I feel really disconnected when I am not with my local body.

I am praying for LHCC today as they worship, learn and touch each other. I will join you soon.

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  1. Praying you have a smooth, quiet and safe trip home. You have been missed and in our thoughts and prayers see you soon.