Sunday, January 4, 2015

Drinking water from a fire hose

Victor and I got started with a Leader Huddle at 7:15 today - I think I mentioned he is on the caretaker team - they make sure everyone is in the right place, are not doing anything that might be out of line with our purpose, and stand around telling war stories between sessions. Since the battle cry during worship is "Welcome to the Jungle" they refer to themselves as the Zoo Keepers. 
I catch glimpses of Remy as she moves from session to small group to team meeting to session - I am so proud to have her represent La Habra Christian Church. 
We had five sessions today along with small group meetings. The sessions were interesting as in Campolo's remind that we are winners because we started out as one sperm of 5 million and we won the race. We beat the 5 million to one odds. Our communion service focused on the trafficing of humans - a third for the sex trade and the rest for indentured/slave labor. We were reminded that Jesus came to set the captives free and as we turn a blind eye to industries that use indentured servants (kept in a labor because they cannot repay the person who hired them), exploited as with the people of Bengaladesh who rely on clothing and shoe manufacturerers who will only hire them for two months at a time paying pennies a day for sewing buttons and dying cloth, sold for sex. The issue is overwhelming and we were left feeling quite hopeless until other speakers gave us ideas for where the church has been successful and where we can begin to make a difference.
I led a session for the small groups to learn how they can overcome the differences in values and communication styles - had some fun with them. We had one group of non English speakers so Victor translated for me as I led that group - he led the discussion - they seemed to really have a good time with him.
We closed the night with Christmas Carols - a manger with the baby on stage - quite dramatic to think that God came to us as one who relied on us to keep him alive and nuture him to maturity. Kind  of how it is today. He relies on us to keep him alive for this world and present him completely so they see the whole Jesus for thier lives.
Building starts tomorrow - 6 AM meeting - but they have coffee!!!

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  1. Picturing Victor as a Zoo Keeper.....'ummm, yes it works. Pastor Sherman, thanks for doing this blog I love hearing about the experiences you are all having know that you are missed, loved and being prayed for. Praise God you are getting your coffee! Be safe