Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Absolutes in Being A Follower Of Jesus

I am not entirely sure where I am going with these thoughts – I assume that is the reason for “blogging” – it is another way to burp out stuff best not revealed in polite company. I know my Grandma Pemberton disapproved of gas release of any kind in public and would likely feel the same about these blogs.

I am in the middle of a series on sin and faced again with the apathy of many followers of Jesus and the majority of those not followers of Jesus toward delineating truth from falsehood. The most common phrase heard in this regard would be, “Well, what I believe works for me and what you believe works for you,” or, words to that effect.

I confess to being a reductionist when it comes to my faith in God. I like keeping the absolutes to a minimum so that the semi-absolutes can be more contextual. Because I accept the absolute of believing that Jesus Christ is the son of God the semi-absolute of reading His life and teachings is made more palatable and even enriching.

Because I believe I am absolutely required to trust God only for your salvation it makes the semi-absolute of presenting Him to others less stressful.

Because I believe I am absolutely required to accept all people as God’s children whether they have acknowledged him or not I am free to accept the semi-absolute to extend grace to even the most dissident agnostic I meet. There are more – but – that is a good place to stop.

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