Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life Is Repetition

It strikes me the reason I get in trouble - well, most of the time - is when I forget that life is doing the same thing over and over, improving with repetition where possible and following the path previously laid, perfectly, when improvement is not possible (how do you improve teeth brushing?). Quite possibly the only reason I brush "every" morning is because I have always brushed every morning even when in places water is scarce or even tainted. I find a way, because, well, I always brush every morning.
It is not a great epiphany to catch the application to spiritual disciplines. My parents drilled into me the practice of brushing every morning. Though I have never thanked them for that discipline it has served me well. They also required a certain level of Biblical literacy - that required regular Bible reading - if only to respond to parental questions. They required regular church attendance and membership in a local church. All practices I do not find odious but rather feel empty without.
I needed to remind myself of this practice because I become bored with repetitious tasks - even irritated by the "mundane." Remembering the importance of most repetitions (breathing comes to mind) I now face them with more a sense of responsibility than requirement - which may seem a small thing to some but is the difference between joy, on the one hand, and drudgery on the onther.

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