Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Blog or Not To Blog That is...

In a June 22, 2009 article on Christianity Today's website Dan Kimball, well known for his “missional” musings warned, “Do It, Don't Blog It” – a sentiment felt, if not expressed by many in the church world when bombarded with requests to “update” “tweet” or “confirm” from various social networks others have thoughtfully recommended.

I appreciated Kimball’s balance of mission and method – something I have always expected of myself and my staff, though I understand the and have suffered from the call of the “new” over the “passé.” I suspect, and this is hard to confess, the real measurement for any technology is not communication as much as it is results. I realize I am swimming up the relational stream here but I believe any tool is only as good as its product.

When the social networks lead to connections that affect lives for Christ they are sacred. When they lead to connections that make lives feel connected they are neutral. When they lead to connections that are distracting from mission they are profane.

There is a fourth option. They could just be gas in the wind, or, as the Bard would have it, “Sound and fury signifying nothing” not unlike this blog.

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