Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time Away is Not Time Away

I realize this is not a mind boggling concept but having just spent five days away from work with Judi and some friends I am reminded again of how incredibly active the mind is when it supposed to be relaxing.
We spent the time with food, fun, games and, well, food, until I got food poisoning so for almost 72 hours of that time I was laid up groaning or recuperating.
Amazingly, as soon as I stepped back into the work place, for me that is La Habra Christian Church, I began to list the ideas that had come to me while away, even though they did not come to me until I began to talk about work. A Pastor should not be surprised when that happens. After all, God was very specific about our work schedule.
We work six days and take one day off. That is one day away from anything to do with work. The first followers of God were so convinced of the efficacy of such a requirement went about putting a hedge about it resulting in hundreds of laws and rules that, unfortunately, made the practice more of a burden than a blessing. I confess that in my younger years - last year :-) - I reversed their error. I avoided the Sabbath or, even worse, mixed Sabbath with Work ("Business or pleasure, Sir?" "Um, yes, please.").
As I have matured (see eta above) I have come to realize that work needs to be work and "not work" needs to be, well, "knock it off." However, I have found an interesting law at work - because when I am working I am relaxed and when I am relaxing my "self" is working - so that in my life while I do the work of the one who sent me - I find that in my rest He completes His work in me.

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