Monday, March 25, 2013

Get yourself one

A mountain man walked into a mining camp dragging a large grizzly bear behind him. The citizens, a tough bunch, were awed by the spectacle and asked how he had killed the fearsome creature.
"I wrestled him till he died," was the incredible response.
One of the smaller citizens whined, "Well, it was easy for you, you're big. I couldn't do anything like that because I'm just little." To which the bear killer replied, "There are plenty of small bears where this one came from. Go get you one little buddy."
I wonder if we feel the same way as that smaller miner when it comes to evangelism. We see a Joe Laubie lead five people to the church and then through baptism and say, "Well, that is his gift, I could never do that." Or a person like Dominic brings his friend to church who even before baptism has already invited one of his friends to come to church. We respond, "Well, he probably has lots of friends who are not going to church, I don't."

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