Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hunt

It is before 7 AM in Chiredzi – too early to be able to see the clock – and I am watching my Grand Niece & Nephew (Isabelle & Noah) as they go on an adventure in their back yard. I see a four year old and 2.5 year old walking through a dirt yard spotted with leafless bushes, thorn trees, and sparse, dry patches of grass. There is the occasional pawpaw tree and bamboo growth to add color.
What they see is so much better. They see giant trees to be used as cover from the vicious occupants (beetles, scorpions, spiders and geckos) with deadly poisons. They each hold the handle of the bag holding their survival gear with one hand and their weapons (he a sword [what else?] and she a bow and arrow). The fact that they are actually holding a couple chopsticks does not lessen their courage only found in being well armed.
I cannot hear what they are hunting for, but, since it is the first birthday of their twin brothers, Jonah & Samuel, I assume it is for an appropriate gift to bear to their mother for wrapping and presentation at the appropriate time. Mother will, no doubt, be thrilled.
Dear Heavenly Father, may I be re-visioned with the eyes to see this great creation of yours as a place of new adventure and opportunity. Help me see these chopsticks in my hands as your sword and shield. Give me the courage to use the chopsticks with which you have armed me as courageously and with the same expectation of success as these two precious children. Please help me know that you will accept my meager gift with joy to be admired and used at the appropriate time, Amen.

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