Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time to Connect

When I ask our members, "What would make the church more productive?" the No. 1 answer is communication (after that, it's focus, collaboration, teamwork, time and understanding). The natural follow up question is, “What kind?” That is were it gets more diverse.
Some want information easily accessible them about the activities and responsibilities of the church. This group typically is happy with updating in hand outs and postings on the web.
Others are asking for personal touch – a more face to face delivery which is over and above the Sunday announcements. As long as they are involved with a Growth Group or a ministry team that touch happens on a monthly basis, at least.
The final group want more than information. They want to take part in a discussion about the information. Twitter, FaceBook and email are not considered “communication.” For them the Growth Group is a good option.
However, as you look at all three (and I realize they break down into more categories) you will no doubt see the proverbial fly in the ointment for all of them. Time – actual minutes free to take in the information – is an issue for all of them. The reality today is that people working today have less time than people in past generations – regardless the “time saving” devices. I have read that the eight-hour or nine-hour workday has been replaced by the 10 or even, 12, and, that is before travel time is considered.
Executives and managers have less than 90 minutes of free time in the course of a day and most have less than an hour each day - total. Given that we are so tied up each day – how do we communicate with each other in such a way that we feel we have been communicated with?
Hmmm, well, I dunno. Really – I don’t. Unless we begin to give the most important connections in our lives the top 25% of our time allotment – we will just work till we expire. I assume everyone has to work extra hard some of the time. With God, Family, and, Church priorities that hard work only gets a moment in time rather than a habitual process in life.
Oh, why only 25%? Well, if we alot our time in connection to our energy and we give the first 25% of our energy to God, Family & Church we wont find ourselves giving our “cast off” time to the ones who mean the most to us.

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